Int Main Void

by Dragonflies Draw Flame

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released May 1, 2004



all rights reserved


Dragonflies Draw Flame Derby, UK

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Track Name: Fierceloud
I know it's just as well;
Flowers that don't bloom are still flowers after all.
Set them on the table.

(you should) Build! Build! I wash my hands of all of you.

I know it's just as well;
Flowers should be pressed between the pages of a book.
"Perhaps something by Thomas Hardy?"

Build! Build! I wash my hands of all of you.

Build! Build! Arm yourselves, arm yourselves.
Track Name: Crystal Radio
I made a crystal radio out of old parts
And I tuned it just enough to hear a man sing.

Then I recoiled into my room thinking of circuits,
But a dry joint ruined them all.

Two notes on an old guitar,
Beats let you know how close they are.
Good times caught on Cine film,
My sunshine is living there still.

I turned on my radio,
My signal collapsed to mono.
I twisted my wires round
But static still ruined my sound.

I made a crystal radio.
I made a crystal radio.
I made a crystal radio.
I made a crystal radio.

Fair warning the two or three,
My neighbours are laughing at me.
Have you heard of LSI?
I'll lend you the book if you like.

542: Morse code telling me what to do.
153: Those voices are talking to me.
Track Name: Don't Forget What I Told You, Don't Talk About It, But Don't Forget
You're so still, I wish that there was something I could say.

You're so still, and every word comes across like you don't believe that there's one beautiful thing in the world,
and if I told you, you might cry.

you drove through the night but you couldn't decide, one day you'll decide

no-one's that strong.